Why choose the CaptainVerify tool ?

With the proliferation of communication channels, effectively reaching your target at the right time and in the right place becomes a challenge for companies. However, among this diversity, email remains a privileged channel offering significant opportunities to brands. It is a direct way to get in touch with their audience. To maximize the impact of their campaigns, the key lies in having a quality database. It is with this in mind that the French platform Captain Verify offers a complete email verification solution, offering effective cleaning of your database and notable deliverability. What are the benefits of CaptainVerify ?

Easily optimize your email databases for effective marketing campaigns

The success of an email campaign depends largely on the quality of your contact base. However, verifying email addresses can quickly become a time-consuming task, impacting the productivity of your teams. Do not hesitate to visit this https://captainverify.com/mail-tester.html to find out more. With this in mind, CaptainVerify offers a quick and easy solution to verify your database. Simply import a CSV document containing the email addresses of your prospects using a simple drag and drop, then start checking the file. The tool detects duplicates and excludes them from your final file.

The file is analyzed in just a few minutes. CaptainVerify then classifies emails into valid, invalid or unknown addresses. The platform also improves email quality, offering a table of statistics including free provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.), role (contact@, info@, etc.), disposable email, risky, status “ok for all” and duplicates. You then have the option to download the entire file or export a document containing only valid email addresses.

With a verified email database, you minimize errors related to misspelled addresses, hard bounce alerts, as well as the risks of spamtraps and honeypots. This approach also constitutes an effective lever for boosting your marketing campaigns : a list of quality emails improving opening rates, facilitating mailing segmentation, reducing sending costs and strengthening your reputation with Internet access providers. Internet, helping to avoid classification as spam.

A service dedicated to verifying telephone numbers for your SMS campaigns

SMS represents a crucial issue in the field of marketing campaigns, offering the possibility of sending promotional offers, personalized messages, or even satisfaction surveys, via a direct and rapid communication channel. This is an excellent strategy for establishing contact with customers and promoting their loyalty. To ensure the effectiveness of these campaigns, it is imperative to ensure that you have the right contacts.

This is where CaptainVerify comes in by offering a phone number verification function through the HLR (Home Location Register Lookup) check. The procedure is simple : import your CSV file (up to 100,000 lines) and start the analysis. CaptainVerify classifies the data into valid or invalid numbers, organized by the operator, and provides you with a file of verified numbers. This procedure ensures that you optimize your contact base, thus guaranteeing the profitability of your call and SMS marketing campaigns.

A versatile and secure French solution for all needs

CaptainVerify is a turnkey solution suitable for all companies, whether SMEs, agencies, online businesses or large groups, engaged in emailing or SMS marketing campaigns. In addition to allowing rapid verification of a large amount of data, the tool offers an API to easily integrate email or phone number verification services into your own applications.

Beyond its effectiveness, CaptainVerify attaches paramount importance to the security of procedures. GDPR compliant, the tool automatically encrypts imported CSV files via an SSL certificate. In addition, the servers, hosted in France, are ISO 27 001 certified, guaranteeing an optimal level of security.

A complete platform at affordable prices

CaptainVerify stands out as an exceptional tool for quickly optimizing your email and mobile databases. Its ease of use and speed of analysis, capable of processing several hundred emails and telephone numbers, make it a major asset. Access to precise and reliable data represents significant added value for teams engaged in emailing and SMS marketing campaigns, making it possible to avoid tedious operations and reduce sending costs.

From a pricing perspective, CaptainVerify positions itself as an affordable solution, offering flexibility tailored to different needs. Costs vary, for example, from €7 for verifying 1,000 email addresses, to €30 for 5,000 addresses, and €2,000 for 5 million emails. For mobile number verification, plans range from €7 for 1,000 numbers to €700 for 100,000 phone numbers. In case of greater needs, CaptainVerify also offers tailor-made packages.

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