Manage Chronic Pain with Aged Care Physiotherapy


Gold Coast aged care physio is what you need when pain lasts longer than usual.

Your golden years should be bright and lustrous, absent of pain and misery. But when you’re suffering from chronic pain, golden will just be a concept. Thus the need for aged care physio Gold Coast offers to manage pain and to age happily.

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Why is it necessary to seek aged care physio in Gold Coast?

To avoid the impact of chronic pain that affects 60% to 83% of Australians.

With persistent aches all over, older adults like you will:

  • Manifest attention-seeking behaviours
  • Suffer from sleep disturbance
  • Be at a higher risk of falls and injuries
  • Experience depression and anxiety
  • Prefer to withdraw from society and isolate yourselves

Chronic pain can also result in polypharmacy that often provides only momentary relief but may have side effects.

Thanks to Gold Coast aged care physio, chronic pain management will be provided to older adults. With this program, all of the negative effects of persistent pain will be reversed.

Instead of attention-seeking behaviours, your behaviour will greatly improve. This, in turn, will increase your participation and socialisation.

You will also enjoy better sleep quality which, as you may already know, can do wonders for your mind and body. What is even better is that pharmacological pain management has the potential to be reduced. Click here Generation Physio

What can aged care physiotherapists do for you?

  • Design personalised and goal-oriented exercise programs
  • Use every session of pain management to optimise rehabilitation, mobility, and dexterity.
  • Provide a schedule of assessment/review to evaluate the outcomes of every form of intervention provided.
  • Use evidence-based assessment tools to address the problem.
  • Provide a treatment program that is tailored to the specific needs of a patient.

In other words, your physiotherapist will take your pain away in the best way possible while helping you get back on track. Clearly, therapy sessions involve more than just massage.

Why choose mobile physiotherapy

It is the best Gold Coast aged care physio because care services are provided in your home or wherever you are.

When you are in pain, the last thing you want to do is to travel and see a therapist. So why not find the most comfortable position and simply wait for your physiotherapist to visit you at home? With mobile physiotherapy, expect 100% convenience.

You will also receive 100% attention and care since there is no other patient queueing up for their turn. The therapist can take as much time evaluating your pain levels and providing the appropriate treatment.

But the best thing about a physiotherapist providing in-home care is that they get to see your living environment with their own eyes. This allows them to tailor an exercise program based on your life/home restrictions and recommend changes in your environment that will improve your daily living.

Whether you are in your own home, in an aged care facility, or a retirement village, mobile physiotherapy will provide your needs for chronic pain management.

Contact Generation Physio right now and request a home visit.

3 Reasons Getting a Regular Medical Check Up is Important

Your health is something valuable and should be kept at optimal levels at all times. That is why it is important to get an annual or regular medical check-up. If you can spend hundreds of bucks to keep your car and house in shape, then it would be a great investment to pay medical practice fees to keep your health in optimum condition.



Now, anyone around you can nag that it’s important to get checked annually, but people need to know what they can get from something, before doing it. So here are reasons why you should:

Building a relationship with your doctor – you might be asking why it is important to build a relationship with your doctor. Simple, by seeing a doctor and availing family medical services, you are able to establish a medical information base for your doctor to work on. They’ll be able to follow you and your family’s health condition from the times you were healthy to the times you get sick.

By visiting the doctor regularly, they will be able to trace back your family’s health history that they have gathered with your visits. This will allow your doctor to treat you better if you or one of your family gets sick, or refer you to a specialist who can best handle your illness if it’s something outside their expertise. This will allow you to save time and cash you spend on medical practice fees.

Maximizing your performance and potential – when you’re physically ill or not feeling well, we all know that this can affect your daily performance. In your work, studies, relationships, family, it affects all aspects of your life. Sure you can take ibuprofen or paracetamol to relieve that nagging headache, but what happens when the ache is still there after the medicine stops working?

By going to the doctor regularly, you can have these kinds of things looked into. Your doctor can have you undergo lab tests to check your blood sugar level and other things. Doing so, you might find out that what’s causing your headaches is the slight elevation of your blood pressure or even your blood sugar.

Most people working in the regular office hours can’t find time to fit in going to the doctor due to schedule constraints. Nowadays, however, there are clinics that operate with extended family medical centre hours. Take for example Smartclinics in South East Queensland in Australia. They have clinics that operate from 7am to 11pm everyday to cater your needs for medical service. Check out Smart Clinics

Early detection can save your life – there are a lot of illnesses that don’t manifest symptoms until it’s too late. Take for example hypertension. A lot of people with hypertension don’t feel anything even while they have it, then suddenly, somebody dies of heart attack or stroke.

Aside from hypertension, there’s diabetes and of course, cancer. Cancer does not show any signs, not until it’s late and in the critical stages. However, during its early stages, the chances of curing it and survival are high. That is why you might want to invest in paying up small medical practice fees to get checked in one the family medical centre locations near you regularly. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. Visit