What is the role of the European Commission in Netd@ys Europe?

The success of Netd@ys Europe depends to a large extent on bringing together participants from different sectors in a way that caters for their interest.

The European Commission will play a role of stimulation and general co-ordination by :

    • providing a general framework for awareness-raising at European level, linked to a targeted communication campaign;

    • stimulating partnerships through promoting and co-ordinating activities between a range of participants including schools, public authorities, businesses, the media, European networks, youth organisations;

    • finally, granting limited financial support to certain promotional activities, through existing programmes and Community initiatives.

The European Commission has the support at the governmental level in the participating countries, each of which appoints a Netd@ys Europe correspondent. These correspondents were very active in 1999. Their role was to:

  • promote local, regional and national initiatives and link them to Netd@ys Europe

  • inform a wide public

  • organise and promote the national Netd@ys

  • help to raise funds from potential private partners

  • establish contacts with the other countries