What sort of projects are suitable?

The projects should demonstrate examples of using online technology in learning, teaching and discovery. They can take place any time of the year but they must develop a special activity for the Netd@ys week, from 20 to 27 November, which will act as a showcase for all the projects.
‘Netd@ys Europe projects’ can, for example:

develop and present new educational concepts using online media;

create and exchange training and learning material on the Internet;

encourage the development of artistic skills

create new electronic networks or extend existing networks and public access (libraries, cybercentres, for example);

involve awareness-raising activities, such as open-doors or producing web pages on different themes;

include ‘teachers teach teachers’, ‘pupils teach their parents’, ‘youths teaching each other’, etc.

Projects can be local, regional or national but the projects funded by the European Commission must have a European dimension through involving different partners (public organisations, schools and enterprises) from at least three different countries.